Skybound Farm

This recent project (2019) in Abiquiu is a special equine barn and arena that blends the indoors with the views and surrounding landscape. This contemporary horse barn is a dream come true for the owners of the farm.

Buildings of Southern Colorado and West Texas along with the Northern New Mexican landscape became the design principle for Skybound. Finishes are inspired by a half-buried, doorless truck in the arroyo.

There is not a clear defining line between indoor space and outdoor space. A 110 foot long skylight and a 170 square foot hole in the roof of the barn, blur the line between earth & sky. Steel is perforated or moving, allowing light and sounds to pass.

A perforated/corrugated steel wall slides to protect riders from dust and wind and let in views and sunlight. The stalls feature a 110 foot long ribbon skylight stretching  the full length of the rows washing the stalls with natural light. *

*Descriptions and artichture by Mike Krupnick.
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